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Op amp power supply voltage polarity reverse protection circ

2016-09-14 20:28  
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Op amp power supply voltage polarity reverse protection circuit diagram
The protection circuit of the op amp power supply reverse polarity is shown in figure (a), (b). Figure (a) is protection circuit of the single-stage amplifier, Figure (b) is the multi-stage amplifier circuit protection circuit. If the integrated operational amplifier without power polarity protection. The power supply voltage polarity is reversed, a destructive current will pass the chip (usually when the chip is in normal operation, there will be a large current passes the reverse-biased diode). The principle of the protection circuit is very simple. For figure (a), it uses the one-way conductive of the diode, so that the reversed power supply voltage can not be added to the integrated operational. For figure (b), it is concentrated protection circuit. When the power supply voltage is reversed, the diodes D1 and D2 turns on.