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Over voltage and low voltage protection circuit

2016-09-22 11:31  
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This is an electrical circuit protection device sound disappeared, when too much voltage 220V, and protection, when pressure is too low with Using the relay cut off power when voltage problems.
From the circuit when the voltage is 220 volts AC through a transformer T1. It serves to reduce the pressure remaining 12 volts, through a D1-D4 connected to Direct rectifier bridge circuit. To convert the voltage, alternating current to direct current. Then, through the C1 and C2 to the power filter smoothing. And entering a pin. Or input pin of IC1, a loan IC Rex bit computing to 12-volt power supply is fixed to the IC2. That it is IC Op Amp. Pressure acts edge IC2/1 High Voltage Detector, High Voltage ICs, if this current work to the Q1 and relay function, it works with, thus cutting off power from the load instantly. The IC2/2 serves to detect the lower voltage. The two components can be specified by VR1, VR2. LED1 display when power or low power over a specified.

Over voltage and low voltage protection circuit

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