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Overvoltage shutdown Protect Circuit

2016-09-26 05:53  
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Sometimes it so happens that a bench power supply output remains no longer controlled because of a defect and invariably it shoots up dangerously. Thus any load connected to that shall be getting damaged in no time. This circuit gives complete protection to that situation.When testing a circuit, a source of voltage that is variable and has overvoltage shutdown is veiy useful. In this circuit, Rl is adjusted to 1 to 2 V below the eventual shutdown threshold. R2 sets the trip voltage. When this voltage is reached, the circuit shuts the voltage to the circuit under test down.To reset, reduce Rl belowtrip threshold and depress reset switch SI.The  MOSFET  is in series with the load. Its gate gets drive always causing the drain and source to remain in conduction as long as the IC1 set voltage at pin 1 is below the internal reference voltage. In the event of higher voltage the voltage at pin no1 of IC1 is above the reference voltage and that switches off the MOSFET depriving of its gate drive to cause the drain and source as open, to disconnect power to the load circuit.

Overvoltage Protection Circuit Circuit