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Protect the loudspeaker from unwanted noise circuit

2016-09-21 04:05  
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The circuit was designed to provide protection to the output of power amplifier thereby protecting the loudspeaker from unwanted noise and other elements.Loudspeaker Protector Circuit Transistors Ql, Q2, and Q3 monitor the two outputs of the stereo amplifier. If the offsets exceed 2 V, Q7 is turned off, which turns off Q8 and the normally on relay. Diodes D2 and D5, together with Q4, provide a mains voltage monitor. As soon as the ac input voltage disappears, as when the amplifier is turned off, Q4 turns off arid Q5 turns on. This turns off Q7, Q8, and the relay.Hence, the loudspeakers axe disconnected immediately after the amplifier is turned off.The circuit protection output of power amplifiers and loudspeakers, dispose certain interesting elements, as the isolation of loudspeakers from the exit of amplifier, when is presented continuous voltage in his exit or when the temperature of heatsink, goes up excessively, providing simultaneously and time delay in the connection loudspeakers in the amplifier.


Loudspeaker Protector Circuit