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AD586/597 Temperature Transducer (Sensor)

2014-11-21 18:10  
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This is a stand alone temperature transducer/sensor circuit. This device uses The AD596/AD597, employing its internal junction compensation temperature sensor inside. This device can be used as temperature sensor by omitting the thermocouple and connecting the inputs (Pins 1 and 2) to common. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit:


The output will reflect the compensation voltage and the AD596/AD597 temperature will be indicated by the output. the AD596/AD597 will be operated over the full extended –55°C to 125°C temperature range. This device has output scaling of 10.1 mV per°C with the AD597 and 9.6 mV per °C with the AD596. when AD596 is used in temperature sensing mode, it will read slightly high, because there is 42mV offset.? [Circuit's schematic diagram source: analog.com]

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