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Closed Loop Control Circuit using Sensor and Actuator

2014-11-24 13:09  
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The herein article contains information related on the method of closed loop control with a sensor and an actuator andthermistor sensing circuit diagramhow to apply the method to build a rudimentary On/Off heater controller (On/Off Temperature Control). The semiconductor components used to build this control circuit are thermistor, Zener diode, LED, relay, op-amp, and bipolar transistor.

Sections describe in this article are such essential elements of the control circuit, basic thermistor sensing circuit (using an op-amp without feedback as a comparator), thermistor sensing circuit using 2N222 transistor with 4 and output driver stage added, controlling a real actuator with a relay, and then finalising the circuit and improving the stability with Schmitt Trigger.

Complete read onClosed Loop Control Circuit using Sensor and Actuatorcan be download in pdf here (source: math.temple.edu)