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High Accuracy Sensor Dial Pulse Indicator

2014-11-18 05:53  
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The indicator has a high accuracy sensor and an info dealing circuit. DO NOT immerse it in any type of liquid. If in the “ON” position, theLCD can not display the value; please replace the battery immediately.Before using it, in order to protect of water steam; please clean the surface of the indicator.This indicator senses the switching on and off of the 48-V de line voltage and transmits the pulses to logic circuitry. An Hl1A10 threshold coupler, with capacitorfiltering, gives a simple circuit which can provide dial pulse indication, and yet reject high levels of induced 60-Hz noise. The DHD805 provides reverse bias protection for the LED during transient over-voltage situations.The capacitive filtering removes less than 10 ms of the leading edge of a 40-V dial pulse, while providing rejection of up to 25-V rms at 60Hz. It is sometimes necessary to monitor a device that generates a relatively shortpulseto indicate a change of status.