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Human Body Sensor Switch Circuit Diagram

2014-11-25 07:49  
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The human body sensors switch, using a special sensor integrated circuit  HT7610B , simple peripheral circuit, quite good performance, high reliability, are presented below:
Human Body Sensor Switch Circuit Diagram
According to the physical draw of the circuit see Fig. When the switch SW is placed in "automatic" position, the RE-200B convert the infrared sensor to the body to release a weak electrical signals sent to the HT7610B the {11} feet, internal two amplification and resistive and capacitive frequency selective network frequency selection output of 0.3 ~ 3Hz alternating signal, {20} feet {2} feet will output a voltage to the AC power, when this signal amplitude greater than 2V, the synchronized square-wave voltage to drive the triac zero trigger turn-on, lit the lamp.

Adjustment potentiometer VR1 is the delay time, delay lights-out time can be adjusted between 8-6 seconds after the lamp is lit; VR2 light and dark from the control to adjust the potentiometer, you can adjust the day and night between the Renyi Liang from the time control, lamp lit. Also the lighting of the pin (VDD) threshold voltage is 8V, also pin voltage is below 8V lamp can not light up, only higher than 8V lamp can light up.