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Infrared beam barrier / proximity sensor schematic shows

2014-11-20 20:01  
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This article is an infrared beam barrier / proximity sensor works show. The combination of text read schematics would be more effective to grasp this principle. This circuit can be used as the infrared light barrier, and a proximity sensor. Circuit uses the very popular Sharp IR module (Vishay module can also be used). The circuit shown in this pin nos sharp & Vishay modules. For other data refer to the individual modules. Receiver by a 555  timer  IC working as an oscillator of about 38 khz (also available from 36 kHz to 40 khz), must be adjusted using 10 k presets. Duty cycle is about 10% of the infrared beam. This allows us to pass more current through the led so as to achieve longer range. The recipient uses a sharp IR module. When the infrared beam from the transmitter falls IR module, the output is activated, the relay is activated and deactivated when the beam is blocked. The relay contacts can be used to turn on / off alarms, lighting, etc.? 10 k preset should be adjusted until the receiver detects the infrared beam. Circuit can also be used as a proximity sensor, me. e detection object in front of the device does not prevent an infrared beam. For this led should point in the same direction as the IR module and at the same level. Proposed arrangement circuit diagram. Should be covered with a suitable led reflective material such as glass or aluminum sides to prevent transmission of the infrared do? Beams and get a sharp focus the beam. When not in front of them, the infrared beam is not reflected to the module, so that the circuit is not activated. When an object close to the device, the infrared light reflected from the object led to the module, so that the circuit is activated. If there is a lot of mis trigger ultrafiltration using a 1 or higher capacitance than 0.47 ultrafiltration. If you are the first to understand this principle, we might Duokanjibian.

Infrared beam barrier / proximity sensor

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