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LGA Accelerometer Sensor Guideline for Soldering and Mountin

2014-11-18 22:45  
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Here we provide you with a guideline for soldering and mounting the LGA package inertial sensors since MEMS basedAccelerometer datasheet and application notesensors (analog and digital output accelerometer) are sensitive to PCB reflow processes and suggested methods of soldering to the PCB for consumer applications.

You will be taken into the overview of soldering considerations, PCB mounting recommendations, enriched with illustrations for such recommended PCB land pattern for the LGA Package, Correct/Incorrect PCB Top Metal Pattern Under Package, PCB Land Pad, Solder Mask, and Signal Trace Near Package Design, and a detailed dimensions for corner pads illustrations are sections you can find in the detailed read of this article.

For further details aboutLGA Accelerometer Sensor Guideline for Soldering and Mounting to PCB,  please refer to the following semiconductor article of pdf filetype (source: freescale.com).