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Liquid Flow Sensor Device for Automating Fluid Sample Analys

2014-11-16 17:51  
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Liquid flow sensorsis a device which established liquid flow monitoring, liquid handling and liquid dosing, it is forThe pressure-sensor module schematicsensing the rate of fluid flow, a fluid analysis device. A sample analysis commonly must be done physically with specialized micro-syringes driven by stepper motors and this is why electronic sensors have been designed to,to automate fluid sample analysis. The article below describe you about this device.

According to the article, the key a element of this device is a microflow sensor device.Microflow sensor deviceneed the following requirement component: Small size, Chemical inertia, Temperature stability, Long-term stability, Simple, easy, fully automated recalibration, and Linear voltage-versus-pressure output. You will be led to sections about pressure measurements which are performed with dual piezo-resistive pressure sensors, prevent error from mechanical-tension forces, digital and user-programmable registers, patented sensor-bridge excitation circuit, a differential analog-output path, a monolithic flow sensor module, and amicro-fluidic dosing and analysis system.

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