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O2 sensor meter for car Circuit

2014-11-04 04:05  
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O2 meter for car circuit

O2 meter for car circuit

Welcome back to Free circuit dot com ,Today i would like to show you in about circuit for car .

So,All really knows how to customize the level of production with anLM3914 LED.

What I’m trying to do is read a signal from a pressure sensor in my car exploded and show a more or less accurate reading of impulse (psi) with 10 LEDs. Here is the map of psi Volt:

Electronic Part

-20 = 3.4 V
-10 = 3.1 V
0 = 2.9 V
5 = 2.7 V
10 = 2.4 V
15 = 1.8 V
20 = 1.4 V

Assembly Picture

Assembly Picture

So, more or less show you need the LM3914 to ~ 1.5 volts – 3 volts to the LED. I know it has something to do with the use of resistance in some of the pins, but I can not understand. Any help is welcome! Thank you.

The O2 sensor. As a D15 B12 Nissan or Honda engines. Must be the only O2 sensor wire. No cable 3 or 4, as these O2 sensors require heating.


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