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PIC16F628A & Temperature Sensor LM35DZ

2014-11-01 12:02  
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Previously it was shown how the temperature sensorLM35DZnow will be drawn out to make a small project where using a microcontroller will take reading the temperature from time to time so as to light a pair of LED's according to if it is within the desired temperature range or outside it.

Broadly speaking we should say that it has to define the inputs and outputs, take the voltage across the comparator module and then see if the data obtained are within or outside the range of temperature monitoring is needed.
Data entry is obviously through the comparator, such entries are found in ports RA0, RA1, RA2 and RA3, the outputs will be in one or two LED's so when active comparator is absolutely necessary to use port B for digital inputs and outputs, understand light a LED.

The comparator receive two reference voltages one and one that will be monitored periodically.
First need to configure the comparator module, ie CMCON registration, which has 8 bits which are C2OUT, ??C1OUT, ??C2INV, C1INV, CIS, CM2, CM1, CM0.

PIC16F628A & Temperature Sensor LM35DZ