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Super Sensitive Fire Sensor using CA3130 and CD4060 Circuit

2014-11-20 09:56  
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A piezoelectric fire alarm can be made using CA3130 and CD4060 oscillator. The herein circuit shows the super sensitive fire sensor side that uses piezoelectric components in order to detect fire. When ready, you’ll be warned by the alarm if your room temperature suddenly increases more than 10C degrees.

fire alarm sensor circuit schematic

fire alarm sensor

The CA3130 will generate a high output when temperature near the piezo element raises when normally it gives a low ouput. Meanwhile, the CD4060 IC2 gives you an oscillating function.

Read completely and find another side of this Super Sensitive Fire Sensor that is power supply circuit to complete the entire pyroelectric fire alarm circuit. A very good article by our respectfulD. Mohan Kumardescribes all you want to know about.