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Ultrasound Detector with 567PLL and LM386 ICs

2014-11-04 20:36  
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The bat ultrasounds are picked up by the microphone SPKR1 and go through two stages of amplification at Q1 and Q2.Separately, a tunable (R12) single frequency is produced by the LM567 oscillator U1. The LM567 is a tone decoder but here its input is grounded and its voltage controlled oscillator is used as a precision oscillator. visit page.Ultrasound Detector with 567PLL and LM386 ICs - schematic
The oscillator frequency is given by f = 1/(1.1*C4*(R10 + R12)) = 1/(1.1*0.0022*10-6*(4.7 + [0-50])*103) = [88-7.5] khzThe two signals are mixed at Q3 to produce both a signal in the audio range and higher frequencies that are the visit page.