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Voltage and Temperature Sensor Using MAX6652, a Datasheet

2014-11-04 21:16  
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The following information contain MAX6652 datasheet, a system supervisor that monitors multiple power-supply voltages andAlert Response to Temperature Interrupts on MAX6652 Temperature Sensorfeatures anon-board temperature sensor. Using an A/D Converter (ADC), voltages and temperature can be converted into an 8-bit code (digitized signal). This device used to be aplied in workstations, networking, servers, and telecommunication applications due to external supply voltages monitoring ability.

You will have a detailed description regarding thistemperature sensor devicewhich is designed to communicate through I2C-compatible/SMBus interface with an external microcontroller, according to the MAX6652 datasheet. It explained sections such ADC and Multiplexer, Temperature Data Format, Voltage Data Format, Temperature Configuration Register, Sensing Circuit Board and Component Temperatures including the typical application circuit and functional diagram.

See more complete aboutMAX6652 Voltage and Temperature Sensorin this MAX6652 datasheet (maxim-ic.com).