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Water Detector with Buzzer

2014-12-17 16:25  
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This is a simple circuit that can be used as a detector for water, such as a bath full detector. The terminals 'sensor' is connected to the probe. This may consist of two electrodes, or a PCB with surface adjacent tracks, the odd jobs with one socket, and the same with the other. If there is a noticeable drop, there is a running stream, so T1 and T2 are conducting. Bz1 gives a signal. The circuit must be powered for safety with a 9V battery, not with a power supply. The circuit can also be used for leaking washing machines. visit page.Water Detector with Buzzer - schematic
R1 = 100 kOhmR2 = 470 kOhmR1 = 2.2 kOhmT1, T2 = BC 548CBz1 = buzzer visit page.