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Water-level sensor (C106Y1)

2014-11-09 08:13  
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The diagram is a schematic diagram water level sensor. You know the water level sensor schematic diagram, we give you about an important component of the water level sensor C106Y1.C106Y1's description:
Glassivated PNPN devices designed for high volume consumer applications such as temperature, light, and speed control; process and remote control, and warning systems where reliability of operation is important.
C106Y1  features:
• Glassivated Surface for Reliability and Uniformity
• Power Rated at Economical Prices
• Practical Level Triggering and Holding Characteristics
• Flat, Rugged, Thermopad Construction for Low Thermal Resistance, High Heat Dissipation and Durability
• Sensitive Gate Triggering
• Pb-Free Packages are Available *

sensor1 Water level sensor