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light or temperature Sensor Activated Relay Pulser

2014-11-22 16:58  
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A Light Sensor generates an output signal indicating the intensity of light by measuring the radiant energy that exists in a very narrow range of frequencies basically called "light", and which ranges in frequency from "Infrared" to "Visible" up to "Ultraviolet" light spectrum.A sensor turns on Ql to activate the low-frequency 555  oscillator , which pulses LAMP II. Sensor may be sensitive to changes in light or temperature. Either RA or RB can be sensors, as desired. A decrease in RB or an increase in RA will cause the NE555 to flash M.fl and RB should be 100 kohm max.Adigital impulse relay is a electronic circuit that mimics perfect the all functions of a impulse relay with ratchet mechanism: the first press to the button turns the relay on and the second press turns it off, and relay in the circuit operating room illuminates.

Sensor-Activated Relay Pulser Circuit