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    2014-11-01 02:38:5784

    The differential thermometer uses two probes and shows the temperature difference between them, rather than the exact temperature. The thermometer uses...

  • Smart smoke sensor alarm circuit

    2014-11-01 01:44:05374

    At the heart of this ultra simple smoke sensor or detector alarm is H21A1, which is a photo-interrupter module consists of a gallium-arsenide infrared ...

  • Capacitive touch sensor using 555 timer circuit

    2014-11-01 01:34:26279

    555 timer circuits This capacitive touch sensor switch is designed using 555 timer circuit and some common electronic components. In this capacitive to...

  • Remote-sensor-loop-transmitter

    2014-11-01 00:04:1082

    This circuit shows amplifier Al as a sensor amplifier in a bridge configuration. Amplifiers A2 and A3 are configured as a voltage to frequency converte...

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