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A simple circuit programmer for LPT ports Based on 74HC244

2015-01-11 00:07  
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It's assembly will take not more than one hour, but guarantees the integrity of your LPT port and work with Pony Prog 2000. IC 74HC244 - buffer. Resistor R1 - 100k, capacitor C1 - 0.1mkF. Diode D1 - any silicon. LPT connector "male". Now we have co connect ISP connector to be used for programming. Conclusions MISO, MOSI, SCK, RESET - control, output LED - LED connects to it, which signals the read/write flash into the device, VDDand GND, respectively, +5 V and ground. To connect the microcontroller is convenient to use the flat wire for 10 wires and IDC connector, but it's a matter of taste, and each decides for itself, as he likes, most importantly not to do wires too long, to avoid interference to microcontroller. I hame made body for my ISP programmer, it's like this:

There is inside the body of programmer:

For those who for some reason do not have LPT port and too lazy to run to the neighbor to uploading the firmware can advise Collegiate USBprogrammer (site of the project prottoss.com). Simply repeat the scheme and properly flash the master controller (for this, whatever one may want to LPT or COM port). Schematic will be in next article.