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A simple positive negative supply from a single supply circu

2015-01-12 23:56  
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This article is to explain a simple negative supply from a single positive supply circuits. The circuit is simple but effective. For your more thorough grasp of this principle, we suggest that you can know more about some of the important components of the circuit, such as: 1N4001 . 555 IC is operating as an astable multivibrator with a frequency of about 1 khz. A square wave is the pin 3 of the IC. When the output is active, 22 uf capacitor charges through the diode D1. When the output at pin 3 is ground, 22 uf through diode D2 and emissions charges 100 uf capacitor charging. The output is taken at the 100-year UF capacitor shown. The disadvantage of this circuit is its poor voltage regulation and current limit. Max. Current can be drawn from this circuit is about 40 ma. If you draw more current, regulators will be lost. Also negative output voltage will be slightly less than the positive supply due to the diode drops. For example, if the voltage 9 V and the output voltage 7.5 V.
Negative Supply from single positive Supply


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