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Car Battery Charger (simple)

2015-01-08 03:20  
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This article describes a car battery charger (simple). The circuit is very simple but effective utility, worth Duokanjibian then master the principles of this principle. This very simple circuit using a transformer, two diodes, a capacitor and a current meter. Rechargeable battery just connect and - terminals of the circuit for the corresponding terminals of the battery. When the battery is not charged, the ammeter reading Showing 1 - 3 Amps. When the battery is fully charged the ammeter reads zero do?, Or near zero, then the battery should stay away from theThe circuit is a full-wave rectifier diode rectifier using two pairs. Capacitors for smoothing. I believe that no capacitor circuit to work only from a large capacitor battery itself. But when you use should not be theCare reversed and - terminals connected to the battery. The circuit has a major component is: 1N4007 . 

Simple Car Battery Charger




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