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Police Sirens Simple Using NE555

2015-01-11 18:41  
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Simple circuit diagram of this is police sirens, circuit diagram can be applied to the siren placed on the motor or car. Electronic components used is 2 fruits IC NE555 as astable multivibrators. The frequency of police sirens are controlled by IC NE555 Pin no.5. The following is a schematic drawing:

police sirens simple to use NE5551 Police Sirens Simple Using NE555

Police siren circuit components:

IC NEE555 = 2 pieces
2.2 KOhm Resistor = 2 pieces
Resistor 47KOhm = 1 fruit
Capacitor 0.01 uf = 1 piece
Capacitor 47 UF = 1 piece
Capacitor 0.1 UF = 1 piece
Capacitor 1 uF/16V = 1 fruit
Potentiometer 47 KOhm = 1 fruit
Potentiometer 100 KOhm = 1 fruit
Speaker = 1 piece
Micro Switch = 1 piece
Power Supply 5V – 15V

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