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Simple Amplifier Circuit 3W / 8 ohm

2015-01-10 22:47  
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3 W amplifier 300x166 Simple Amplifier Circuit 3W / 8 ohmThese Simple amplifier based transistor 3W / 8 ohm are very small and very easy to carry, work with single supply between 4V and 9V. It is based on the use of common transistors and is able to provide some low wattage.

Main characteristics :
Power: 3 W
Voltage: 4 V to 9 V
Technology: Transistors

The Simple amplifier based transistor 3W / 8 ohm diagram above shows that we can make these amps with minimal components and simple to interesting results. Of course we can not really use this circuit as a hi fi system, but still enough to provide the resources to electronic siren or bell.

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