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Simple Amplifier Stereo HiFi Circuit with TDA7377

2015-01-12 19:52  
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Here is simpleamplifierstereo hi-fi circuit. Thisamplifiercircuit made from double bridge in TDA7377. The  TDA7377  is a new technology class AB car radioamplifierable to work either in DUAL BRIDGE or QUAD SINGLE ENDED configuration. The exclusive fully complementary structure of the output stage and the internally fixed gain guarantees the highest possible power performances
with extremely reduced component count. The on-board clip detector simplifies gain compression operation. This amplifier circuit is hi-fi quality. simple to build. Here is schematic amplifier stereo HiFi drawing:


Untitled 400x255 Simple Amplifier Stereo HiFi Circuit with TDA7377

Part list Simple Amplifier Stereo HiFi Circuit with TDA7377:
R1 : 10K
C1,C2 : 0,47uF
C3 : 1000uf
C4 : 100nF
C5 : 10uF
C6 : 47uF
IC : TDA7377

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