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Simple Audio Booster

2015-01-09 23:39  
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audio booster 300x226 Simple Audio BoosterThis Audio booster circuit is very simple and can be applied to fm tuner or audio pre amplifier. The 2N3392? is a low-noise type transistor in TO-92 case. The transistor can can be replaced by a NTE199 or ECG199. If you wish to use a TUN, cross reference the parameters with one of the units from this list : TUP-TUN

Potentiometer R5 of 100K is a linear type with an on/off switch attached. The value of C1 may need to be between 0.05μF and 0.1μF (47nF/100nF). Experiment with the value for best performance.

Parts list :
R1 : 47K
R2 : 470K
R3 : 10K
R4 : 560
R5 : 100K potmeter switch Linear
R6 : 270
C1 : Capacitor, .05-.1μF Ceramic, 50V
C2 : Capacitor, 0.1μF Ceramic, 50V
C3 : Capacitor, 33μF/25V Electrolytic
Q1 : 2N3392 Transistor, NPN
LED1 LED, red 276-033 Ultra-Bright

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