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Simple Audio Channel Circuit Diagram for FM Transmitter

2015-01-09 23:03  
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The herein circuit diagram showsa simple audio channel that can be used in an FM Transmitter. It is designed to create a clipped and filtered modulating voltage which will give the FM signal more apparent volume at the receiver.

FM transmitter circuit project DIY

A simple filter to restore the audio waveform to a sinewave shape were performed by C1, C2, and R2. The R1 sets the amount of clipping of the amplified audio  from microphone (by Q1) and which is passed to ‘the speech clipper’ performed by D1 and D2 since it will make distortion if the clipped audio were applied directly to the modulator. Q2 is added for transmitting modulation and R3 determine the frequency swing of the transmitter signal.

You may then observe the changes in wave shape as the signal passes and note the changes in audio signal amplitudo in thisSimple Audio Channel Circuit Diagram for FM Transmitter(source: arrl.org).