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Simple Circuit Mini Bicycle Bell

2015-01-09 05:14  
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Simple Circuit Mini Bicycle Bell 3D 150x150 Simple Circuit Mini Bicycle BellThis circuit is a mini bicycle bell. Mini bicycle bell is connected using the bell as a switch. If the button is pressed, an electric current flowing on the 9V voltage electronic circuit through the transistor Q1. because the speakers are connected to the battery using a transistor Q2, when the transistor electrified, the speakers will also be electrified and sounds. Capacitor is used to the sound of the speakers is not a quick stop. Here is a schematic drawing mini bicycle bell:

Simple Circuit Mini Bicycle Bell 300x134 Simple Circuit Mini Bicycle Bell

For the development of this circuit you can replace the switch S1 with the proximity sensor circuit. here I also include a PCB (printed circuit board) of the simple circuit mini bicycle bell and you can also download it.

PCB Simple Circuit Mini Bicycle Bell 300x237 Simple Circuit Mini Bicycle Bell

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Download PCB : Download Now

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