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Simple High Impedance DC Voltmeter Using a uA741 Op-amp

2015-01-08 08:43  
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Circuit diagram of this simple in design for high voltage DC Impedance. This is a circuit diagram with circuit design that was built by uA741 IC. IC is the op-amp non-inverting DC amplifier.  IC that has a negative feedback through the DC meters need to 1mA full-scale deflection. Working principle of this circuit is a circuit since R6 is 100 ohms, the meter will indicate full scale when the input voltage DC to pin3 is the same as the voltage drop at R6, which is 0.1 volts. Options R1 and R2 to get a different voltage ranges shown in the table. The diodes D1 and D2 protect the IC from excessive accidental input voltage and diodes D3 and D4 protect the meter from overloads. Circuits that can be supported from 9 V/-9V dual power. Here’s a picture of the circuit diagram high voltage DC Impedance:


Simple High Impedance DC Voltmeter Using a uA741 Opamp Simple High Impedance DC Voltmeter Using a uA741 Op amp

For meter M1 can be a 1mA fsd DC ammeter. Values of R1 & R2 for different voltage ranges can be obtained below.

R1= 100K, R2= 900K, ==> Scale Voltage = 1V
R1= 100K, R2= 10M, ==> Scale Voltage = 10V
R1= 10K, R2= 10M, ==> Scale Voltage = 100V

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