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Simple High Quality Tube Amplifier Class A

2015-01-10 12:20  
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Tube Amplifier Class A 300x160 Simple High Quality Tube Amplifier Class A

Amplifier built on a wide spread basis element, and the values ??of elements may differ from those listed at 10-20 percent, without degrading the amplifier characteristics.

U1 – 6N1P (one half – the right channel, the other – left); U2 – 6P3S.
resistors, used in the amplifier type MLT-0.5, R5 – MLT-2.
Capacitors C1, C3, preferably paper – to voltage is less than 300 V.

Installation notes :
1. Do not use as “ground” bus chassis amplifier.
2. Separate power and signal “ground”.
3. Have transformers away from each other.
4. Windings of transformers should be perpendicular to each other.
5. Wires as short as possible.

Power supply circuit can be found here.

The amplifier anode tubes are high voltage, be careful!

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