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Simple Low Frequency Oscillator Circuit

2015-01-08 07:50  
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Here islow frequency oscillatorcircuit. Thelow frequency oscillatorcircuit for testing tone controls and experimenting. The timing components, R1, R2, C1 and C3 dictate the oscillation frequency. In use preset RV1 is adjusted so that oscillation just begins. Thelow frequency oscillatorcircuit is a standard RC phase shift oscillator using a single bipolar transistor as the active element. When power is applied regenerative feedback is applied via C2 from collector to base of the transistor. Using R2 values higher than 1k or so may cause inaccuracy due to the attenuator loading. If desired, the output across RL can be attenuated. Here is a schematic low frequency oscillator circuit:


Low Frequency Oscilator Circuit 400x286 Simple Low Frequency Oscillator Circuit


Simply replace RL with two resistors R1 and R2 according to the low frequency oscillator?table below:

Low Frequency Oscillator.htm 20111010030225 Simple Low Frequency Oscillator Circuit


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