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Simple Low-Frequency V/F Converter

2015-01-12 22:51  
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In this circuit, CI is charged to a fixed reference level, then discharged. Integrator ICl circuit charg
Simple Low-Frequency V/F Converter

es CI until ICl has -6.2-V output, when comparator IC2 outputs a low. FET Ql, triggers one-section monostable multivibrator IC3, pulls pin 3 low for 470, ensuring that Ql completely discharges CI. The other section of IC3 produces a longer pulse of about 47 ms. Full scale of this circuit is 10 Hz. For lower output pulse rates, a counter circuit can be inserted between the sections of IC3. Notice that because CI does not integrate while Ql is biased on, this circuit has an error in the output period, which must be as short as possible. Therefore, the circuit`s use is limited to low frequencies.

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