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Simple Rain Alarm Circuit Using NE 555

2015-01-09 05:51  
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Rain alarm circuit is very useful if the rainy season, the function of a series of rain this alarm is to remind us in case of rain. In the circuit diagram is controlled by the IC 555, which functions for the NE555 provides 1 Khz tone through the speaker if the sensor exposed to rain. Water sensor images can be seen in the picture, place the sensor at an angle of 30-45 degrees from the ground. Global Water’s Water Level Alarm Sensor (WA600) is water solid state sensors for detecting the presence of conductive solutions, such as water spills, water tank levels, and drainage ponds. Water alarm sensor has two stainless steel electrodes in the position at the desired point for the detection of liquid. When liquid is detected, a relay close to the surface water and the alarm signal can be used to sound an alarm or closing a switch inside a piece of remote monitoring equipment. Relay outputs fully isolated and can handle 2 amps of current. The following is a schematic drawing:

Simple Rain Alarm Circuit Using NE 5551 Simple Rain Alarm Circuit Using NE 555

After the alarm sensor water level in dry conditions, the detection sensor will automatically reset without the need for additional services. Alarm surface rough and require minimal maintenance. The Water Level Alarm has many uses, including: surface water monitoring, detection precision, control water levels, an indication of high water, and sea submarine low-level indication. Water alarm sensors can be purchased to trigger an alarm on contact with water or air.

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