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Simple Remote Control (ATTINY213)

2015-01-09 08:57  
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This circuit was working well, all that was left was to
add an ATTINY2313, a battery, and some buttons. The Princeton
Technology decoders, such as the PT2272, have an amazing tolerance for
data rates – about plus or minus 50%. The ATTINY213 is clocked by its
internal RC oscillator, and given the wide tolerance of the decoder, I
didn’t bother to calibrate the oscillator. The five input pins are
configured as inputs with internal pull up resistors and the pin change
interrupt, set to interrupt when the pin makes a high to low
transition, is enabled for each input.

I am not sure this is a really good idea,? but instead of using a
capacitor across
the micro controller’s power and ground pins, the controller shares the
little 680
pf decoupling capacitor with the transmitter.
simple Remote control ATTINY
firmware : asmfile, compiled hex, pcb

source : http://cappels.org