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Simple USB Power Injector For External Hard Drives

2015-01-11 23:10  
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A portable USB hard drive is a great way to back up data but what if your USB ports are unable to supply enough to power the drive? As with most such drives, it is powered directly from the USB port, so it doesn’t require an external plugpack supply.

In fact, the device is powered from two USB ports, since one port is incapable of supplying sufficient current. In use, the two connectors are plugged into adjacent USB ports, so that power for the drive is simultaneously sourced from both ports.
An external USB hard drive is usually powered by plugging two connectors at one end of a special USB cable into adjacent USB ports on the computer. Although the USB drive worked fine with several work computers, it was a “no-go” on my home machine.

circuit diagram :

Source: Silicon Chip 26 June 2008

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