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Simple delay speakers

2015-01-11 07:44  
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This circuit is small-sized circuit at can build easy, and usable get easy between a loudspeaker with amplifier. By have relay be switch edit during opening-time switch that stereo will hear the sound “Tlub” come out from loudspeaker. Which this sound is sound the electricity will pull sharply to flow enter still a loudspeaker and may will make a loudspeaker can are damaged therefore then necessary to must have time drag while open switch for a moment. For speak this part disappear before then build enter still a loudspeaker.

Simple delay speakers

When receive power supply come in, The C1 will charge thereafter C2 begin charge change R1. When C2 charge full until go to bias give Q1 work go to current driver give relay. Which use relay model double contract, make contract switch touch. From that time build a loudspeaker suits power amplifier the period will delay to depend on the value C2. If want to give can delay long ago enhance the value C2. But if give can delay short down devalue C2.
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