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Simple scheduling tool

2015-01-12 23:20  
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IC 555 to IC Timer (scheduling IC) or IC timer.Which may be can be considered quite unique features.To use the time to bring the device resistance.
For the period that desire.
This circuit 555 to the IC number on the circuit Mono Stable. Multi Vibrator. or Delay circuit with operating environment that provides a second output level be The voltage is low (logic “0″) and high-level voltage (logic “1″). When you click the switch S1 pin 2 of the IC will be shot down ground. The motive for the IC1 with low voltage (logic “0″). Resulting in the output pin 3 of IC voltage levels at higher or equivalent supply. it making light LED1. Experience in the scheduling itself. And in setting up or slow down time depends on the R2, C1.And VR1 to adjust the scheduling easier.

Simple scheduling tool

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