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Car Stereo Booster using IC LM2896

2017-01-04 16:43  
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Car Stereo Booster using IC LM2896Car Stereo Booster using IC LM2896 Circuit Diagram

This car stereo booster uses an LM2896 IC which has two chip amplifiers. It can be powered with voltages up to 15 volts. The ability achievement is 2.5 watts per approach with an 8 Ω amount and accumulation voltage of 12 volts. Using the arch tehnique in the ambit gives a ability achievement of 9 watts.

The car audio booster can be powered up from 3 up to 15 volts. The amount impedance that can be affiliated at its achievement can be either 4 Ω or 8 Ω. The accumulation voltage and the amount impedance access the achievement ability level. This amplifier ambit is advised as a booster for auto radio/cassette players. The accepted burning by best ability achievement and a 4 Ω amount is 1 ampere. Advertisement: