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FM adaptor circuit for car stereo

2017-01-04 23:25  
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With this compact FM adaptor circuit plugged into the audio out of your cassete player or i Pod out put,you can listen your favorite music on your car stereo.This circuit is very useful if your car stereo doesnot have an auxillary in socket.The circuit is nothing buy  an short range  FM transimitter.

The FM transmitter circuit is based on low power NPN transistor 2N2222.The tank circuit consisting of L1 & C1 producess the necessary oscillations at the collector of Q1.The capacitance C4 , resistance R3 & R4  performs the function of mixing the stereo out put from theaudio player or i-Pod.The emitter resistance R2 provides sufficient stability to the circuit.It also limits the collector current to increse the battery life.

Circuit diagram with Parts list.



Use a 28SWG , 10 cm insulated copper wire as antenna. For L1.make 8 turns of 20 SWG insulated copper wire on a 5mm dia plastic former. Power the circuit from a 3V battery. Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board. C1 can be a  50pF trimmer.