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LAG673-monolithic Stereo Playback IC

2017-01-01 06:39  
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LAG673  Japanese the Mi Zimi companies (MTTSVMI) single-chip stereo playback IC imports retractable audio player application is broader.
1. Box and the pin functions LAG673 Manifold within LAG673 containing pairs of pre-amplification and bi-amping. DC electronic volume control circuit, the circuit of DC motor speed stabilization. Manifold within the circuit block diagram shown. The IC uses a double row of flat package, the IC's pin functions and data are shown in Table listed.
2. LAG673 typical application circuit due to the complete functionality of LAG673 Manifold, put a LAG673 can constitute a stereo single put Walkman circuit, coupled with the stereo tune duo can form a stereo retractable Walkman circuit. LAG673 Manifold typical application circuit as shown.
LAG673 Manifold typical application circuit
3. Circuit works when the function switch in Figure 8-24 (3) allocated to the "tape" position, and then decentralization sound key the Manifold LAG673 on the tape playback signal processing state; only function switch to radio "position, the player in the radio state. At this time, the DC motor steady speed of LAG673 part of the circuit does not supply Vcc voltage Manifold LAG673 22 feet connected to the the Vec voltage, disconnect the front output of LAG673, machine work on the radio state. Amplifier stereo head to pick up the signals from ②, 27 pin input to the IC front, zoom in and compensate for signal (low frequency compensation) to get high, balanced, low-frequency signal IC from LAG673 ⑤, ⑧ pin output. Figure 8-24 circuit is added to pick Typical applications for the three-band equalizer amplifier. If you do not take the three-band equalizer, you can directly from ⑥, 23 feet into the amplifier in front of the electronic volume attenuator. The electronic volume attenuator is controlled at LAG673 the ⑦ feet of voltage, that is, peripheral to the center of the head of the volume potentiometer voltage. ⑧ pin volume telecommunications to provide a reference voltage. Signal IC internal electronic volume attenuator directly into the respective amplifier. ⑨ ⑧ pin is the power amplifier output feet, 11 feet is the public side of the amplifier output. Troubleshooting prompted the LAG673 Manifold pre-amplifier, motor steady speed integrated circuits in one, common faults addition to the power amplifier failure, as well as steady speed circuit failure. In this situation I wish only the overall change new LAG673 0 for steady speed circuit damage due to its relatively independent of the IC. Therefore, an additional substitution damaged circuit composed of a steady speed circuit.
Typical circuit diagram of LAG673 manifold block