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LM4916 Single-channel stereo headphone amplifier circuit dia

2017-01-01 18:47  
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LM4916 Single-channel stereo headphone amplifier circuit diagram
LM4916 is a single-channel(SE) stereo headphone amplifier that has 2 Mono differential output audio power amplifiers(Bridge or BTL load) single-ended (SE) stereo headphone amplifier. It is mainly used for mobile phones and other portable audio devices. LM4916 uses 1.5V power supply. Mono BTL model can output 85mW. Mono BTL mode can promote continuous average power into an 8Ω load. Each channel of single-ended (SE) stereo headset can output 14mW and the continuous average power drives 16Ω load. LM4916 uses MM and LLP encapsulation. The user will thanks to its small size. The smallest share of the PCB board space and get the maximum output power. LM4916 reduces switch-off instant noise. It has a external controller, active-low micropower shutdown mode and an internal thermal shutdown protection agency. The pinout of LM4916 is shown as below.