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Mixer Line Mic Stereo Schematic Diagram

2017-01-03 15:31  
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Mixer Line Mic Stereo Schematic DiagramMixer Line Mic Stereo Schematic Diagram

Mixer Line Mic Stereo Component List Detail:

R1-8-31-32=3.3K ohms C1-4-7-9-12-17=10uF 16V IC1=TLC274 R2-7-27-30=100 ohms C2-8=470nF 63V MKT IC2=TLC272 R3-4-9-10=1M ohms C3-24-27-28=100nF 63V MKT IC3=7805 R5-11-21-22-23-24=10K ohms C5-10=10pF ceramic D1=1N4007 R6-12-15-17=1K ohms C6-11=1uF 16V D2=LED 3mm R13-14-19-20-28-29=47Kohms C13-16-20-21=47pF JF1-2-5-6=female jack 3.5mm stereo R18-16-25-26=22K ohms C14-15-18-19=1uF 63V MKT JF3-4=RCA female plug RV1=2X100K ohms Lin. C22-23-25=100uF 16V JF7=female jack 3.5mm mono