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Mono/Stereo Preamp based on LM387

2017-01-04 00:57  
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pre amp mic 300x134 Mono/Stereo Preamp based on LM387Mono Preamp (or stereo), based on an LM387 for dynamic microphone. The preamplifier described here is designed to connect a small dynamic mic. We will see that it can adapt to a wide range of microphones.

As you can see, Mono Preamp (or stereo), based on an LM387 diagram is very simple. It is based on the use of an LM387, which is really common, but has proven in the field of “low noise”, just like its cousin the LM381.

Parts list :

R1 : 10K
R2 : 560
R3 : 100
R4 : 22K
R5, R6 : 100K
C1 : 100pF
C2 : 1uF
C3 : 220uF
C4 : 1uF
L1 : VK 200
U1 : LM387

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