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Separate stereo signal with LM324

2017-01-03 05:29  
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This the circuit model to are simple at use in fining wideness of a signal stereo. Which be valuable very for an earphone stereo. or the system that the opening between a loudspeaker too much. That generally stereo signal will have mix do not separate the left – right clearly. Which already really appear that way channel the left has will a signal on the left total up with stereo signal on the right work character of the circuit , begin at , input A , and , B , that have , IC1 , and , IC2 , build with buffer circuit. A signal from IC1 and IC2 will change come in still the circuit of IC1 and IC2 which build be Inverting Amp circuit at have the expansion ratio equals to 1 a signal that has changed this circuit already will opposite with Input A and B. This circuit must use , power supply regulator model positive and negative 15V will make this stability circuit improves.

Separate stereo signal with LM324

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