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Stereo surround with ic lm1458

2017-01-01 18:16  
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Integrated stereo surround sound will come out similar to the Concert Hall. And a simple circuit. Using the LM1458 IC number to expand the difference of the input signal left (L). It came out as surround sound sure enough.
When raising the power and enter the left and right input circuit.The signal on the left (L) to signal coupling through C2 and R1 to enter the pin 5 of IC1 / 1.And signs on the right (R) to signal coupling through R4 to C2 and to the pin 3 of IC1 / 2. Then the amplifier IC1 is the difference. Which the same signal is lost.Balance, but only signals different from the output pin 7 and pin 1.The VR1 / 1 and VR1 / 2 is a control gain of the signal on each side.Then the signal via C3 and C4 are coupling the audio signal and send out better,The output.By the way this output is connected to the headset. Or will be connected to the amplifier at all.

Stereo surround with ic lm1458

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