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  • TA8119 monolithic stereo playback integrated circuit

    2017-01-01 02:39:4179

    TA8119 is a monolithic playback integrated circuit produced by Japanese company TOSHIBA,and it is applied to mini cassette players.1.inner circuit and ...


    2017-01-01 02:15:3095

    This circuit uses a single IC LM1310 to provide left and right outputs from a composite MPX stereo signal. Oscillator adjust R1 is set for 76 kHz (19 k...


    2017-01-01 01:54:3465

    Z2969 compactron performs functions of two triodes and two diodes in circuit for adapting f-m receivers to stereo.-L. Dillon, Single Compactron Adapts ...

  • Mono To Stereo Synthesizer

    2017-01-01 01:47:18136

    This circuit attempts to liven up mono sound sources by simulating a stereo signal. It does this by shifting certain frequencies between left and right...

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