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3V 3A Regulator Switching by LM2576

2015-09-10 17:44  
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3V 3A Regulator Switching Supply with LM2576

I build this project when I have a problem to driver stepping motor that draw current 3A at 3V.After search the infomation on the internet I have found LM2576-ADJ which is an adjustable output version of 3A Step-Down Voltage switching Regulator and capable of driving 3A load with excellent line and load regulation.
You can change R1 and R2 for your desired output voltage.In my design I use the circuit from the example circuit in data sheet and it works fine.

3V 3A Regulator Switching Supply
Read More Source:http://www.coolcircuit.com/project/switching_regulator/index.html

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