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5V 1A Step Down Switching Regulator using LM2524D and Datash

2015-10-05 13:28  
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The schematic diagram below circuits5V/1A Step-Down Switching Regulator using LM2524DRegulating Pulse Width Modulator (PWM).

LM2524D Step Down Switching Regulator Circuit Diagram

The parameters of this Step-Down Switching Regulator are provided as follows: Output Voltage 5V, Switching Frequency 20 kHz, Short Circuit 1.3A, Current Limit Load Regulation 3 mV, Line Regulation 6 mV, Efficiency 80%, Output Ripple 10 mVp-p.

Read more about the PC board layout, stuffing diagram of5V/1A Step Down Switching Regulatorin the LM2524D datasheet (source: national.com).