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Child-Proof Reset Switch

2015-10-16 10:56  
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The reset switch on a computer is very important. If an operating instruction threatens to wreck the internal mana
Child-Proof Reset Switch

gement of a computer, the reset button is often the only way of avoiding a possible disaster. On the other hand, it also could cause a disaster. It is particularly important that children or pets cannot inadvertently operate the control. The circuit proposed here should put an end to your worries in this respect. Instead of one reset switch, it is necessary to press four switches simultaneously. The chances of this happening via accident, child, or pet are negligible. The four switches are placed in positions that make it impossible to operate them all with one hand. Instead, two of them can be operated with the fingers of one hand and the other two with the fingers on the other hand. As shown, the four switches are connected in series and are intended to replace the existing switch.

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